Nov 29, 2011

Flash UI

Flash UI for 3d Studio Max. Maxscript and Actionscript are connected through FSCommand event argument value. UI includes scene object's selector, pose library, and mirror tool for limbs and whole body.

Model from by Javier Solsona. Initially the model was created for Maya. I did my own setup for 3D Studio Max, including facial rigging.

Nov 27, 2011

FFD Deformations

FFD deformers + skin = easy cartoon rigging. Instead of the character's mesh, skin modifier is applied to the ffd deformer to achieve different control zones and soft deformations.

Nov 20, 2011

Procedural animation test

This is an old test with procedural animation. The whole movement is generated by float_expression, using (sin(F*speed)*amplitude)

It is possible to modify the speed and amplitude for the wings, and the amplitude of movement of the character, as well as switch between different predefined paths